Service Process and Concept

Service Process

We are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies, from sending us advice to placing orders, design, production, transportation, after-sales service, we can serve you. If you encounter any problems at every step, we will provide you with the best hydraulic transmission and fluid transfer solutions. So we will be completely satisfied with working with you!

“ YIBO Hydraulic Hoses are special hydraulic hoses designed for construction machinery or complex and demanding environments. ”

Our hydraulic hoses offer excellent pulse and pressure (pressure resistance) performance as well as weather performance such as low bending performance and high and low temperature resistance to meet your expectations and industry specifications. Our responsive design and quotation process allows us to produce with low order quantities and short lead times, ideal for small and diverse needs.

Our engineered solutions use a wide range of materials, cover a wide range of product features, and provide comprehensive inspection reports and Classification Society (CCS or ABS) certifications.

“ Hydraulic Hose & Hose Assembly Solutions Choose the right hydraulic hose size. ”

Based on your project requirements, we will tailor the hydraulic hose operating pressure, hose size, specifications and pulse performance to your needs. Help you choose the right hydraulic hose model and specifications, so as to help you solve the problem of time and help you save costs.

Service Philosophy

  • Adhering to the service concept of “customer first”
  • Adhere to the service tenet of  “comprehensively meet and continuously exceed user’s expectations”;
  • Always “customer’s experience is the design concept, and customer’s standard is the manufacturing standard”
  • With professional technology and products, complete quality management system, and fully equipped testing equipment, we ensure to provide customers with high-quality brand-star service covering the whole process.

Service Advantage

  • Customized Production With technology, equipment and experienced technicians, we can produce products with various specifications and performances to meet different drilling needs!
  • Fast Delivery Time can bring benefits to customers and save costs! Therefore, we attach great importance to our commitment. By continuously improving the production process management level and production and processing capabilities, and relying on good cooperative relations with upstream suppliers, we ensure that qualified products are always delivered to customers on time!
  • Humanized Service We strive to establish a good cooperative relationship with every customer. Whether it is sales staff, technical staff or management layer, they all try their best to maintain sufficient and multi-level communication with customers, in order to fully understand customers and market needs, and try their best to provide the best products and service!

Excellent Service Experience

Yibo Hydraulic adheres to the service concept of “customer first”, implements the principle of “focusing on customers”, and systematically establishes a pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system. On the basis of the existing sales service network, we use information technology to improve customer relationship management, implement continuous tracking services for customers, collect market information in a timely manner, accurately grasp customer needs, and provide customers with comprehensive personalized services.

High-Quality Foreign Trade Import And Export Experience

We have created and realized Yibo Hydraulic’s “customer-centric theory” with sincere service beliefs. Customer’s satisfaction is our most precious resource. Yibo Hydraulic has a complete sales system nationwide. You provide high-quality products and perfect services. At the same time, we have a high-quality foreign trade import and export service system, which can meet your cross-border foreign trade import and export needs.

Perfect After-Sales System

Our company will provide customers perfect and considerate after-sales service. In the using process, if product quality problem happens, our company guarantees to reply within two working days after receiving the notice. For those who need to be dealt with on site, it is guaranteed that someone will be dispatched to the scene immediately. If there is no need for on-site service, we will provide users with the best solution and assist customers in the aftermath.

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